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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is the main governing and organisational body of the European Society for Health and Medical Sociology.

The Advisory Board consists of 10 members. Any of the members can submit their candidacy for the elections for the Advisory Board, as well as suggest a candidate. The members then choose the board members by vote.

The Present, Vice-President and Treasurer are then chosen within the Board to form the Executive Committee.

Each term is 4 years. Members of the Advisory Board can be elected for two terms (maximum).

The primary aims of the Advisory Board are to support and bring forth the aims and mission of the ESHMS, which are:

  • The creation of a forum for discussion on health issues
  • Creating opportunities for research and participation in international co-operations and planning 

The Advisory Board

  • Supports the organisation of congresses, conferences and meetings in the field of medical sociology;
  • Co-operates with national and international organisations with the same goals;
  • Creates opportunities for (young) scholars through research visit grants, paper prizes, and poster prizes;
  • Encourages scientific publications;
  • Updates members on relevant events or issues

Active Advisory Board

Executive Committee

The rest of the Advisory Board

Previous Advisory Boards

If you’d like to know who were the members of the previous ESHMS Advisory Boards are , click the button below.