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Liubov V. Borisova




Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, Sweden


BA; MA; MSc; PhD in Sociology

Research Interests

Socio-economic determinants of health, health care systems, Central and Eastern Europe, welfare, aspects of health, subjective health.


Liubov Borisova is a researcher in health and medical sociology at the Department of Sociology, Uppsala University. She is currently working on the project of the aspects of health in Europe. She received her PhD from the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Science, Germany in 2013, and has been a researcher and lecturer since then. Liubov’s main research interests lie in socioeconomic determinants of health and health care in Europe and Eastern Europe. She has an extensive experience in data analysis, quantitative methods and statistics.

Countries of collaboration: 

Germany, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Czechia

Academic webpage/website:

Liubov Borisova at Uppsala University

Personal academic page

Academic Writing Project

Social networks and contact: 

Research Gate | Academia