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Melissa Ceuterick




University of Ghent, Health and Demographic Research


PhD medical biosciences

Research Interests

My research interests include the sociology of medication use (benzodiazepines, opioids, herbal medicine, vaccines), stigma, and migrant health. I supervise several PhD students with related research projects. As an anthropologist, I mostly apply qualitative methods, often in interdisciplinary studies.


I am a medical anthropologist by training. Since 2017 I am affiliated to the Health and Demographic Research group (HEDERA) Department of Sociology, Ghent University (Belgium). I obtained my PhD from the University of Bradford (UK) in medical biosciences (School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences), with a study on traditional medicine use within Andean migrant communities. After working as a resident professor for Duke University’s Global Health premed study-abroad program in Costa Rica, I coordinated several applied research projects in the field of migrants’ health and wellbeing in Belgium. Currently, I teach health sociology at bachelor and master level, in different programs in Sociology and Pharmacy at Ghent University and VUB.

Countries of collaboration: 

Belgium (Wallonia), Italy, Finland, UK, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland

Academic page/website:

Melissa Ceuterick at Ghent University

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