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Michael Calnan


Professor of Medical Sociology


University of Kent, UK


BSc; MSc; PhD

Research Interests

Global Health, Sociology of Pandemics, Trust and Health and Regulation of Medicines and Health Technology. The current focus is on an MRC funded study into  violence against doctors in India  


I am a medical sociologist involved with teaching and research in Sociology of Health and Health Policy and have published extensively on a wide range of health-related topics. I was Director of CHSS at the University of Kent in the UK and was involved in establishing and directing the WHO- Euro Collaborating Centre for Patient Rights. My research has involved a mixture of theoretical, policy and empirical analysis which has used both quantitative and qualitative methods and has included projects focusing on trust in different health systems, dignity in health care for people in later life and the social influences on decision-making by NICE in relation to technological appraisals. My recent books include a textbook on the sociology of health policy– Health Policy, Power and Politics – Sociological Insights (2020), Emerald and an analysis of the sociology of the policy response to the pandemic in England – Power, Policy and the Pandemic (2022), Emerald.

Countries of collaboration:

Brazil, India, Canada, Australia  

Academic webpage/website

Michael Calnan at University of Kent

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