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Stéphane Cullati

ESHMS President


Senior lecturer


Population Health Laboratory (#PopHealthLab), University of Fribourg, Switzerland & Department of Geriatrics and Readaptation, University of Geneva, Switzerland


PhD in Sociology

Research Interests

Social determinants of health, health inequalities, biological embedding of social life, life course, early life, ageing, prevention, social policies, public health programmes, quality and security of healthcare


I am a medical sociologist and epidemiologist. My research fields are the social determinants of health, life course epidemiology, health service research, public health monitoring, and methodology. I am interested in life course influences on health, ageing, the biological embedding of social life, the impact of public health programmes and social policies on health inequalities, and the quality and security of healthcare.

Countries of collaboration: 

Germany, France, UK, USA, Canada, Belgium, India, Italy, Norway

Academic webpage/website:

Stéphane Cullati at PopHealth

Social networks and contact: