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Zofia Słońska

Vice-President of ESHMS


Assistant Professor and an academic teacher, retired from 2020


Department of Epidemiology , Health Prevention and Health Promotion, National Institute of Cardiology, Warsaw, Poland (1991-2020) and the Department of Epidemiology and Health Promotion, School of Public Health, the Medical Center of Postgraduate Education, Warsaw, Poland (2006-2020)


PhD in sociology


In 1973, I graduated from the Institute of Sociology, the University of Warsaw.  In 1987, I obtained a doctorate in humanities in the field of sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences on the basis of the thesis entitled ‘Situational determinants of views and behaviours of diabetic patients. A sociological study of a chronic disease’.

Besides employment  at the National  Institute of Cardiology and the School of Public Health, the Medical Center of Postgraduate Education in Warsaw, I was  employed at the National Institute of Hygiene as an assistant professor,  at the World Health Organization in Copenhagen as a health promotion consultant, at Polish Ministry of Health as an advisor to Polish minister of health. In 1993-2005, I was the WHO national counterpart for health promotion. In 1995-2005, I was a member of the European Committee for Health Promotion Development, and from 1998 -2006 a member of the Advisory Committee, Center for Communication, Health and Environment, based in Washington. In 2006-2015 I was  a member of the Government Population Council in Poland.

During my professional carrier  I was a member of many domestic and foreign scientific organizations. Currently I am  a member  of Polish Sociological Society, and vice president of the European Society of Health and Medical Sociology and a member of  the European Sociological Association. I  was an author and coordinator of numerous research projects, carried out among others in cooperation with the World Bank and the European Commission, including the European Health Literacy Survey HLS-EU (2009 – 2012). Author or co-author of over 100 publications, including monographs and chapters in books on  sociology of health promotion, health and medical sociology, as well as co-author of Polish Encyclopedia of Sociology. A long-time member of the editorial board of scientific journals, incl. Health Promotion International and until now a reviewer of Polish and foreign scientific journals.

Research interests:

Institutionalization of health promotion , health education, health care systems, health behaviour – all of them in the context of their determinants and the processes of modification.